Massage in Riga

Classic massage

Classic massage is an ancient form of bodywork that promotes overall well-being by improving blood and lymphatic circulation, easing muscle tension and pain, strengthening the immune system, revitalizing the skin, and relieving stress. It can be tailored to each individual's needs, whether they are seeking relaxation or energization.

60,00 € / 90 min
50,00 € / 60 min

Classic Back massage:

35 € / 40 min
45 € / 60 min

Lymphatic drainage massage​

A lymphatic drainage massage applies light pressure to the body in sliding movements to help move excess fluid and toxins towards the large lymph nodes. It is effective for reducing cellulite, promoting weight loss by increasing metabolic rate, and improving lymphatic and blood circulation. By relaxing the muscles and nervous system, it leaves you feeling refreshed and energized.

50,00 € / 90 min

Sport massage​

Sports massage can enhance your physical performance by preparing your muscles before exercise and promoting muscle recovery, flexibility, and performance afterwards. It is ideal for athletes, active individuals, and anyone with sore or tired muscles.

65,00 € /90 min

Royal Thai foot and leg massage

The feet are our foundation, connecting us to the earth. The healthier our feet, the happier and more successful we can be. Our feet are a reflection of our whole body. By working on energy lines and acupuncture points, a foot massage can positively impact our internal organs, bring harmony to the body, and allow life force energy to flow. This massage helps healthy people avoid illness and maintain well-being.

40,00 € / 60 min

Relaxation massage with Aroma oil

A relaxation massage can lift your happiness, health, and beauty. Feel your body release tension and energize as you enjoy the pleasant caresses. This versatile massage uses a variety of techniques to promote relaxation and well-being, and it can be tailored to the individual needs of each client. Aromatic oils can be used to enhance the massage experience and promote either relaxation or energization, depending on the aromas used. A relaxation massage is best enjoyed in the evening so that you can have a wonderful night's sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

55,00 € / 90 min

Relaxing honey massage

A honey massage is a wonderful way to improve your skin. The massage helps the active ingredients of honey penetrate the skin, leaving it feeling silky and smooth. However, a honey massage is not recommended for people with acute inflammation, heart conditions, varicose veins, tumors, or allergies to bee products.

65,00 € / 90 min

Sambahana Ayurvedic massage

Sambahana is an energy cleansing massage for the entire body. Clients are first specially prepared for the procedure, then they experience a massage of the face, ears, abdomen, chest, hands, legs, feet, posterior, back, collar, neck, and head.

Sambahana stimulates marma points to improve blood and lymphatic circulation and boost the nervous and immune systems. It benefits the physical, energetic, mental, and emotional bodies. By gradually restoring balance to these levels, Sambahana can help to alleviate both the symptoms and causes of illness.

Sambahana harmonizes and balances the body, fills it with energy, feeds oxygen to the cells, removes salts and toxins, and cleanses the colonic tract. It is especially recommended to relieve both physical and emotional fatigue. It is best enjoyed in the evening so that clients can rest and relax and wake up the next morning feeling energized and inspired.

The massage may be performed for the whole body or specific areas.

80,00 € / 120 min

Amber massage​

Amber is one of the world's most valuable minerals. Formed from fossilized pine resin, it is a natural substance that contains many micronutrients essential to human health. The main active ingredients of amber are succinic acid and amber oil, which are obtained by melting amber and do not contain any heavy metal salts. This gives amber revered healing properties and makes it an effective cosmetic substance.

At the beginning of an amber massage, a full-body peeling with amber powder is performed. This activates the skin cells, mechanically cleanses the surface of the skin from dead cells, and nourishes the skin tissue with oxygen and micronutrients. As the massage movements warm up the fine amber powder, they ionize the air and neutralize free radicals. This is followed by a harmonizing full-body massage with amber butter, which fills every cell with living energy, increases immunity, and makes the skin more beautiful.

The amber massage procedure relieves electrostatic and nervous tension in the body, cleanses and rejuvenates the skin, makes it firmer, improves sleep, and heightens the libido.

60,00 € / 90 min

Lomi Lomi massage

Lomi lomi is an ancient Hawaiian massage, meaning "from the paws of a contented cat." It is performed with long, flowing, rhythmical movements using the forearms and hands, gradually increasing the depth of the strokes. Several areas of the body can be massaged simultaneously, leading to even deeper relaxation. The massage therapist aids the healing process through touches filled with love and tenderness. A lomi lomi massage is a "conversation with the body," and every massage is unique. It is a path to self-awareness and spiritual awakening.

Lots of warm oils are used during the massage, and you can choose from a variety of essential oils to deepen your relaxation and pleasure.

80,00 € / 120 min

Green tea inspiration​

Experience a gentle, relaxing massage for your whole body using a green tea mask. Afterward, embrace your skin in a body wrap packed with all the goodness that green tea provides: vitamins A, B, B1, B2, and B15; calcium, zinc, iron, iodine, selenium, copper, manganese, folic acid, phenols, and much more. Green tea is also a natural source of vitamin K, which strengthens the walls of the blood vessels and helps remove the visible signs of carpal tunnel syndrome.

The green tea mask is a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals, which cause aging 20 times faster than vitamin C. The mask also contains polyphenols, which rejuvenate old cells, making your body younger. As well as producing tangible results, the green tea ritual will also make you feel positive, joyful, and energetic.

At the end of the ritual, sip a cup of aromatic, high-quality green tea with honey from Latvia's Vidzeme region.

Find inspiration and health through the power of green tea!

70,00 € / 100 min

Relaxing Chocolate massage

Chocolate massages are becoming increasingly popular, as people savor the amazing sensations of peace and heavenly relaxation they offer. The massage is performed with gentle, sliding, and rhythmical movements to free the body of accumulated tension, while the aroma of chocolate creates an ecstatic mood.

A blend of chocolate powder and sweet almond oil essence infuses your skin with energy, moisture, nutrients, and vitamins B, A, E, and K. The massage also activates cellular metabolism and microcirculation.

After your chocolate massage, you will be given a body wrap to facilitate even better absorption of the wonderful properties of chocolate, as well as to sculpt your body and reduce cellulite. Of course, chocolate also produces endorphins and serotonin, the hormones of happiness. So enjoy loads of chocolate, get slim, and smile!

A chocolate massage is not recommended for people with acute inflammation, heart conditions, varicose veins, tumors, or allergies to chocolate.

70,00 € / 100 min

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Important to know:

  • The massage should be pleasant and safe, thus before the massage, assess your health and warn the masseur in advance about any health problems.

  • If you have an acute or chronic illness, please consult your doctor before making a massage appointment.

  • It is not recommended to drink alcohol before or immediately after the massage or procedure. And it is recommended to arrive at least two hours after the last meal.